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TLX – Approved Solutions for Roofs and Walls

Specialist insulation products, TLX Silver and TLX Gold, use insulating membrane technology to improve the thermal performance of roofs and walls. TLX Technology can be used on its’ own, or combined with standard insulation, to save space, avoid risk of condensation and speed up installation times. When looking to use a hybrid system, TLX Silver and TLX Gold can be used together in 90% of cases. TLX Gold is installed to the outside as it breathes but doesn’t require a vapour barrier. TLX Silver is installed to the inside, acting as a vapour barrier that doesn’t breathe.

Why go for Gold?TLX Gold

  • Provides an easy solution for insulating above rafters – no need for a vapour barrier to avoid condensation risk
  • It adjusts its rate of breathability according to the amount of moisture 
  • TLX Gold is completely water and air tight
  • Can be rolled out across rafters without raising the roof height
  • On its own, TLX Gold can reduce heat loss by 81%

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Silver – just as important as Gold TLX Silver

  • Prevents condensation risk by stopping moisture entering the roof void from the inside of the building
  • Installed to the underside of rafters and across joists, it’s also certified for use in timber frame and solid masonry walls
  • Combined with other products, TLX Silver can deliver U-values as low as 0,13 W/m2K in a standard roof

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