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The availability and cost challenges across the Minster product portfolio continue to be volatile and unpredictable. This has been driven by a number of factors including raw material availability and cost increases, lack of haulage availability and a buoyant UK RMI market. We have also experienced delays in our Supply chains caused by factors such as Brexit (new ways of working), shipping delays, container shortages and the global impact Covid-19 continues to have.

Please be assured that our Supply chain and Procurement teams are working with our Supplier partners to mitigate disruption to your own business. 

A summary of our key product areas and what Minster are doing to help to mitigate the situation is provided below:


  • British Gypsum announced on 26th May that an allocation system will be implemented from Monday 21st June for Plasterboard orders.
  • We are working closely with British Gypsum and monitoring demand levels to ensure that customers continue to be supported with supply of product. Indications are that Minster (and all BG Customers) will be supplied product at a rate lower than where we anticipate demand to be. We expect this to be a challenging period and anticipate that the allocation will remain in place until there is some ‘softening’ in demand and raw material becomes more readily available.
  • Siniat have announced an allocation which will take effect from 14th June 2021. Product volume allowances have yet to be confirmed. 

Metal (Stud & Track British Gypsum/Siniat branded)

  • The world steel market remains extremely volatile and unpredictable and it is anticipated that the situation will continue into 2022. 
  • A monthly metal allocation is being available to Minster by British Gypsum. The process is being managed to ensure that customers are supported despite the significant reductions versus demand levels.
  • Siniat have had a set volume metal allowance for Minster that has been in place for a number of months. Minster continue to work with Siniat to ensure that any customer disruption is kept to a minimum. 

Metal (Ceilings, Stud & Track)

  • Minster work with a number of Metal Suppliers for supply of ceiling grid and non-branded stud and track systems. The category has been subject to significant inflation over 2021 and this shows no signs of abating.
  • The global steel shortage means that we have allocations in place with our key suppliers. Our teams are carefully managing distribution of product on a project by project basis to reduce customer impact.

PIR Insulation

  • Allocations remain in place with Recticel and Celotex.
  • Due to lack of raw material (particularly the MDI chemical) we are anticipating that June will be an extremely challenging period as the availability of PIR product across the market is far lower than anticipated demand levels. would ask for your understanding during this challenging period.

Glasswool Insulation

  • Our two main Glasswool suppliers (Isover and Superglass) announced last week (w/c 24th May) that they will be implementing allocations. The Isover order book has now been closed and an allocation will be implemented this week. The Superglass allocation will become effective in July.
  • It is believed that pressure and high demand from the market is driving the allocation and it is anticipated that there will be significant price inflation in the category in the coming weeks.
  • We are currently negotiating with our Suppliers to secure the highest possible allocation allowances. 

Foil Insulation

  • No issues have been reported from Actis Insulation. Product remains on a 3-week delivery lead-time (Product is imported from France).

Rock/Stone wool insulation

  • Rockwool are currently not reporting any production issues.
  • A slight issue with lack of haulage availability which was impacting the delivery lead-times on part loads is now being resolved.


  • With the exception of the Knauf Topiq range there are currently no supply or availability issues reported from our main ceiling suppliers. The Topiq range is on a 3 to 4-week lead-time from Knauf Ceiling Solutions.