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Isover Metac – It’s on a Roll

​​​​​​​Isover has rolled out the perfect solution for pitched roof rafter applications!

Building extra room within the loft area of any build is a great way to maximise the living space without increasing the footprint. It can create additional bedrooms, office space, playrooms and gives more flexibility for homeowners.

Isover Metac thermal and acoustic insulation is a high-performance glass mineral wool ‘slab on a roll’ insulation for pitched roof rafter applications. Supplied in 50-200mm thickness, this 2-in-1 insulation solution is perfect for creating a quieter and warmer living space within the loft of any new or renovation build. Independent testing has shown that when installed into a pitched roof, metac can provide a weighted sound reduction of 49 dB (Rw).

It is more cost-effective than many alternative insulation materials and is easy to install as it can be friction fitted between rafters, minimising air gaps.

For more information on Isover products and solutions, contact one of our Minster Branches.

Isover Metac