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Building Regulations

This page refers to building regulations in England and Wales. For information about Scottish building regulations, visit the Scottish government website.

In England and Wales, the Department for Communities and Local Government has set out building regulations to look after the health & safety of people in and around buildings. This includes domestic, commercial and industrial properties, whether they’re new builds or renovations.

Building regulations

When do building regulations apply?

Building regulation compliance is necessary for these projects:

  • Construction of new builds
  • Extensions on existing building
  • Changing a property’s purpose (i.e. converting commercial offices into residential flats)
  • Altering a property significantly (i.e. converting attic into a bedroom)
  • Installation of fittings/services (i.e. toilets, new windows, hot water cylinders)

Some work doesn’t need compliance to building regulations. Always consult with the building regulations department of your local council to check requirements and procedures relevant to your project.

Use one of the following building control services to make sure you’re compliant:

With either options, an inspector will check compliance which is subject to fees.


  • Building regulation compliance is different to planning permission, you will need both.
  • Responsibility of compliance sits with the person carrying out physical building work. If you hire a contractor, it sits with them, or if you do the work yourself then, it’s up to you.
  • Make sure compliance is confirmed before starting work, as the building owner will be served an enforcement notice if the project work doesn’t comply.

If you would like to read more about Building Regulations in England and Wales, please visit the Government Planning Portal Website.