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Making the World a Better Home

Committed to carbon neutrality by 2050

Our commitment to carbon neutrality by 2050 is brought about by Minster being part of the Saint-Gobain family, a group that has a long history of reducing its environmental impact. It is inseparable from our ambition to provide customers with solutions, and not just products, and in helping them reduce their own environmental footprint. Our net zero carbon ambition is also intrinsically linked to our purpose, Making the World a Better Home.

Achieving net zero emissions

A commitment and a responsibility; a source of inspiration and transformation.

Mitigating climate change means decarbonizing our economies. The goal is simple: by 2050, we must not emit any more carbon than we absorb. We must be carbon neutral. 

In November 2020, Minster committed to reducing our Scope 1 (direct emissions from our buildings) and our Scope 2 (electricity-related emissions) by 33% by 2030*; and our Scope 3 (value chain emissions) by 16% over the same period. As we make progress towards our 2050 goal, we strive to make each of these interim efforts more ambitious - with commitments to reduce carbon in more areas of the business, moving from incremental improvements to significant step changes, being also able to offset during this period the potential increase of our emissions due to growth. 

* Reduction of 30% in absolute terms compared to actual emissions in 2017, and of 33% compared to 2017 emissions as adjusted for acquisitions made between 2017 and the date on of the target's approval.

Targeting for an electric and hybrid fleet by the end of 2023

Electric car chargersIn support of Saint-Gobain’s net-zero carbon pledge, and its purpose of Making The World a Better Home, Saint-Gobain UK & Ireland have started installing electric vehicle chargers across the group’s network. The roll-out comes as Saint-Gobain UK & Ireland targets to move its entire car fleet of 3,000 cars, to electric and hybrid vehicles by the end of 2023.
An initial brand-specific roll-out is planned for 2021, with the ultimate aim of fitting an electric vehicle charging station to colleagues’ homes (free of charge), and installing chargers across major UK sites.  

Want to work towards carbon neutrality?

At Minster, we're dedicated to supporting you to achieve carbon neutrality in your construction and trade projects. If you don't know where to start, remember that we can start by reducing emissions first - we're in this process together. From greener product offerings to expert advice on energy consumption, we're making constant efforts to learn more and help support you in this critical area, as true partners. Even the smaller things contribute, such as going paperless with the help of our third-party E-billing service. In working towards carbon neutrality, you can consider the following:

Using less carbon-intensive designs & materials

Minster, as part of Saint-Gobain, are always searching for alternative materials and supplies to stock across our brand portfolio which reduce our carbon outputs, and in turn, reduce yours too. The great creative minds behind our brands investigate innovative ideas for manufacturing new products which require less carbon to create. 

Using less energy and using it better

A great way to start reducing your emissions is by becoming aware of how much energy you're using and making efforts to use less energy more efficiently. Start small by insulating roofs, ceilings, floors and walls to conserve buildings' energy and reduce gas & electricity usage. Then start considering alternative energy sources, like renewable solar energy which works by harnessing the power of the sun through solar panels.

Influencing our network to decarbonize together

As a distribution partner, we play an invaluable role in connecting the needs of diverse customers and sector with market-leading suppliers. While we're making efforts as a brand to improve our operations, we can also provide helpful information and support to you towards net zero carbon building. We also have a responsibility to ask our suppliers to do better to help improve the carbon emissions of the whole supply chain. 

A strong commitment to support you

We're always learning more to enhance our knowledge and keep up to date. You can always come to us for advice on how to make your building projects carbon neutral. This is a wide and fast-evolving topic. Our branch colleagues may not be experts in every area, however we can play an active role in connecting you with the expertise of our in-house distribution specialists, and those of our manufacturing partners, sister Saint-Gobain businesses and partners.

Minster Net-zero carbon
Net Zero carbon

As well as Minster, every brand within Saint-Gobain is building a clear roadmap to Net Zero Carbon. Find out more about that, and about Saint-Gobain, on the Group website.

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