Get ahead with the Green Homes Grant and Rockwool

Get ahead with the Green Homes Grant and Rockwool
October 16, 2020 Stuart Findlay

The Government’s Green Homes Grant scheme couldn’t have landed at a better time. By giving 600,000 homeowners in England access to voucher grants of up to £10,000, this scheme is about much more than energy efficiency. As we look to bounce back in a COVID affected economy, this funding has the potential to be a lifeline for many domestic contractors and building trades.

Now, it’s not without conditions, of course. Only TrustMark registered installers can carry out works funded under the scheme. So, if you’re not yet registered, get going with your application now; for more information click here.

Successfully completing your TrustMark registration doesn’t guarantee you Green Homes Grant jobs though. The homeowner appoints their preferred contractor which means there’s likely to be a lot of competition – which is why you need to find ways to create a commercial advantage.

The best way to stand out from the competition is by adding value to your customer… and communicating insulation benefits in the initial sales conversation is a great place to start.

Why insulate?

The primary purpose of insulation is to stop heat loss and reduce energy consumption. It’s not surprising then, that insulation is classed as a ‘primary’ measure within the Green Homes Grant. And given the scheme specifies that homeowners cannot spend more on secondary measures than they do on primary, if your customer has ambitions to install triple glazing (a secondary measure), you need to help them invest wisely in their insulation – and the loft is a good place to start.

As one of the least disruptive and eligible upgrades in the scheme, promoting loft insulation to your customers is an easy conversation opener. Part of the ROCKWOOL General Building Range, Twinwroll is designed for installation in lofts and is made from stone wool.

Why stone wool?

Stone wool is a robust investment as its advantages extend far beyond thermal insulation. While energy efficiency is a given with any insulation material, stone wool will give the homeowner (and you) much wider benefits:

  • It’s safe… with stone wool you can confidently tell your customer that this material will not burn, which means in the unfortunate event of a fire, it helps to minimise damage by limiting further spread.
  • It’s quiet… nobody likes nuisance noise, whether it’s within the home or coming from outside. Promote the sound reduction benefits of stone wool to your customer and explain how this means their grant funded upgrade will add more value to their home.
  • It’s sustainable… in an increasingly environmentally conscious society, many homeowners are looking to minimise their impact on the planet. Stone wool is made from volcanic rock, a naturally sustainable and occurring material – a great selling point for anyone who might be concerned about using insulation from man-made materials.

Get ahead with ROCKWOOL

Stone wool insulation is a natural choice for any customer looking to make their Green Homes Grant vouchers go further. It’s also a perfect choice for you as it is quick and easy to cut and fit. Plus, as it’s a higher density than alternative insulation materials, it won’t slump or sag over time – giving you an even stronger competitive edge.

This will help you to work through jobs at speed, build up an excellent reputation and secure repeat business – especially as ROCKWOOL Twinroll and the wider insulation range is readily available.

Recent investment in a new purpose-built logistics centre and hardstand means that ROCKWOOL’s product availability can be truly relied upon – even with the upturn in demand expected from the Green Homes Grant.

Get Your Green Homes Grant Product Quote Now

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