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Eolis - available from Minster

Eolis HC Reflective Insulation

Eolis HC is a reflective insulation with an integrated vapour barrier offering dual features within a single product, and making it possible to insulate and achieve airtightness in a single operation. For use on the warm side of any insulation material, behind the internal finish.

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Key benefits

Easy and quick installation

  • Easy to handle and install, saving time on site. It has an integrated self-adhesive lap for easily and quickly sealing joints.
  • Quick and easy to fit into difficult areas because no precision cutting is required. The product is installed in a continuous layer, obtaining airtightness and an exceptional reduction in thermal bridging.
  • Provides dual performance within a single product: a vapour barrier and insulation
  • Has a thickness of 135mm and is available in 12m2 rolls.

Health and sustainability

Eolis HC is made with 100% recyclable components. The unique structure of Triplex technology allows less material to be used to achieve the thickness of the insulation making it a more sustainable product.

  • Clean and with no irritating fibres
  • Rated A+ for indoor air quality
  • Recyclable components
  • No harmful chemicals
  • Highly durable
  • Minimal waste


The new Triplex technology used in the Eolis HC solution provides thermal resistance of
5.67m² K/W with two air cavities* (horizontal heat flow). Its reflective films reflect up to 90% of infrared radiation thus limiting overheating in summer.
*Measured according to standard BS EN 16012.

  • Energy saving
  • No irritating fibres or chemicals
  • No respiratory protection required
  • during installation
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Actis Eolis HC Blanket Reflective Insulation 8 x 1.5m x 135mm

Designed to be used on the warm side of any insulation material, behind the internal finish in roofs and walls.

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