Superglass says Green Homes Grant is a golden opportunity

Superglass says Green Homes Grant is a golden opportunity
October 20, 2020 Stuart Findlay

Green Homes Grant is a Golden Opportunity!

Bob Dalrymple, Head of Marketing at leading glass wool insulation manufacturer Superglass, explains the benefits of the new scheme and the opportunity for you.

When the UK Government announced its Green Homes Grant (GHG) in August, it was welcomed as a much-needed boost to the construction industry and an essential step along the road to reducing the CO2 emissions of new build homes.

With 600,000 vouchers being made available to homeowners in England to pay for energy saving measures, this is a significant way for contractors across the country to play their part in helping save the environment, and the economy. Not only does the scheme make homes more energy efficient, it helps create and secure jobs.

The GHG is available to homeowners and private landlords, offering up to two thirds of the cost of installing energy-saving insulation – the most effective way to bring down emissions and reduce energy use. In fact, Superglass’ insulation, which is made from up to 84% recycled material, saves on average 300% of the energy used to create it.

Insulation has a hidden benefit. As well as helping reduce the bills of a home’s occupants, it helps other green technologies to perform better by keeping their benefits within the home rather than leaking out through gaps.

The support of the GHG will be welcome news to homeowners and contractors alike during the truly remarkable economic circumstances we find ourselves in just now. Many homeowners have turned to home improvements and are looking for ways to improve the environmental efficiency of their homes and in-turn reduce costs.

There is a real opportunity for contractors to grasp under the GHG scheme. Recent media reports have highlighted a lack of accredited installers and a clear gap in the market. Homeowners and landlords engaging with the scheme need to provide quotes from Trustmark and MCS/PAS-accredited installers, so securing those qualifications is essential for interested installers.

The national scale of the grant and £9 billion available is an unmissable opportunity for installers and contractors and will undoubtedly boost the industry (and crucially the people who work within it) as we recover from the impacts of Covid-19.

Time, however, is of the essence as the eligibility for the voucher scheme is currently scheduled to end on 31 March 2021.

Superglass’s wide range of industry-leading insulation products are covered as part of the GHG scheme, including loft, under-floor, room-in-roof, and cavity wall products. We’ve also just introduced a new 280mm-thick cladding insulation. This extra thick product means you don’t need to double up which saves you time and money.

We’re so impressed with the scheme that we are rewarding all Trustmark installers who buy Superglass Loft or Floor insulation the opportunity to win the latest Sony 49-inch Smart TV with every purchase they make. You can find out how to enter here.

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