Product Watch: British Gypsum’s Tilebacker Board

When it comes to certain areas in a home or a building with frequent exposure to water and moisture, the choice of tiling and decoration is just as important as the water resistant protection offered in the background.

Bathrooms, shower cubicles, kitchens and wet rooms are all environments that are frequently exposed to high levels of moisture so protection from mould and other costly consequences is necessary!

Minster offers plenty of solutions with a wide range of water resistant, high performing boards with one of the most unique boards being the British Gypsum Glasroc H TILEBACKER board. The Glasroc H Tilebacker board, when fixing to plasterboard, needs you to just score and snap to size then screw the Drywall timber screws – no speciailist fixings required, power tools or pre drilling.

That makes it twice as quick to install than standard boards in addition to it being up to a third lighter than cement boards. The Glasroc H Tilebacker is also tough enough to be used on floors and walls in preparation for tiling, skimming or painting.

Other key benefits include:

  •            – Robust – less likely to crack or break during installation
  •           – Mould resistant
  •           – Sustainable – 100% recyclable
  •           – Compatible with British Gypsum systems

….and obviously, high water resistance which mean no frequent costly call backs!

It’s safe to say that the high performing BG Glasroc H Tilebacker board is a water barrier and not a time barrier.

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