Our Top e-Customer Questions

If in doubt… Ask! Here are our top customer questions that you’ll probably find useful when contacting our teams through the website.

Chris & Shannon our lovely knowledgeable sales specialists have put together a few questions and answers that they frequently receive from people wanting to work with the wide range of insulation and drywalling solutions offered by Minster.

Q: Do you accept cash customers?
A: Yes, online and over the counter

Q: Can we collect the materials form our local branch?
A: Yes  of course you can

Q: Can I pay by credit/debit card over the phone?
A: Yes, but for security reasons the delivery address will need to be the same as billing address for the card. Otherwise you can make a BACS payment or visit your local branch.

Q: Do I have to pay for delivery?
A: Normally if the order is over £250 exVAT, delivery will be FOC. We would also never charge for the delivery of our fantastic customer service =)


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