Isover Robust Detail

The recently updated E-WM-17 and E-WM-20 Robust Detail specifications now include a lighter Gypsum board.

This offers house builders a more cost effective solution, while maintaining a +5dB performance over building regulations.

A Robust Detail is a separating wall or floor that has been assessed and approved by Robust Details Ltd to ensure it satisfies Part E of the building regulations. It also means that house builders won’t have to undertake costly pre-completion sound testing. Previously, the proprietary E-WM-17 and E-WM-20 Robust Details specifications required the use of 9.8 kg/m2 plasterboard. With the newly-amended details, however, a lighter 8 kg/m2 plasterboard can be used.

Chris Roughneen, Technical Manager at Isover, said, “The lighter plasterboard specification was something that our customers were asking for, which is why we have invested in amending these Robust Details. The wall is now more cost effective for the developer, but it still achieves the same excellent level of performance that it did previously.”

Isover RD Party Wall Roll is an acoustic insulation used to reduce the passage of sound across party walls and is supported by Robust Details. It has been designed to meet the requirements of Approved Document E (England & Wales) and Technical Standards Section 5 (Scotland).

Robust Details Ltd has recently published a new handbook that includes Isover’s E-WM-17 and E-WM-20, which can be downloaded here.

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