Isover RD Party Wall Roll

Isover RD Party Wall Roll created to keep your life at the right volume

RD Party Wall Roll is an acoustic insulation designed to reduce the passage of sound across a separating masonry wall. Made from glass mineral wool roll, it is designed to meet the requirements of Building Regulations (England & Wales) Approved Document (AD) E and (Scotland) Technical Standard Section 5.

Tried, tested and approved for use in Isover-specific Robust Details E-WM-17, E-WM-20 & E-WM-24 as well as a range of other generic Robust Detail separating walls, you can be sure to trust the quality and integrity of this acoustic solution for your project. Being part of an approved robust Detail also removes the requirements for pre-completion testing and parge coats prior to Drylining, saving time and cost.

Isover RD Party Wall Roll is supplied in a 75mm, 100mm, 125mm and 150mm thicknesses. The strong, resilient and flexible rolls are ready-cut to 2x455mm to fit between standard wall tie spacing.

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