Getting the most from the Green Homes Grant with Kingspan

Getting the most from the Green Homes Grant with Kingspan
October 16, 2020 Stuart Findlay

The Green Homes Grant scheme provides a welcome boost for contractors across the country as we continue to deal with the impacts of the Coronavirus pandemic. With people spending more time in the house, interest in home improvements has understandably risen.

Even when these improvements aren’t directly related to energy performance, they may present opportunities to take advantage of the Green Homes Grant scheme. For example, it is much simpler to fit underfloor insulation if the owner is already planning to have carpet or laminate fitted on the ground floor.

With the scheme covering the first two thirds of the cost of the work, up to £5,000 (or the full cost up to £10,000 for those on low income), the payback period for owners having energy efficiency improvements fitted is greatly reduced. Landlords in particular may see the advantage of this investment as they are now required to ensure their domestic properties have a minimum Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) of E (subject to some exclusions) before they can be put up for rent due to the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards.

The measures covered by the grant are separated into two tiers – primary and secondary. Primary measures cover a range of insulation applications along with the installation of low carbon heating technologies. As it is compulsory to include at least one primary measure to qualify for a grant, insulation retrofits are likely to be a popular choice.

Quality focus

When carrying out improvements under the Green Homes Grant, it is crucial to make sure the measure is suitable for the property and that any existing or potential issues such as damp or poor ventilation are dealt with before you carry out the installation.

This work should have been covered as part of the PAS 2030 accreditation needed to become a TrustMark registered business. Manufacturers may also be able to provide some technical support if you have queries when carrying out an installation. Whilst carrying out checks for issues such as damp, rot, missing pointing or broken guttering will add time to your work, it should also save you a lot of hassle and cost in the long-term.

The good news is that the Green Homes Grant can be used to pay for most of the work needed to get a property ready for the energy efficiency measure to be installed. This can include the cost for expert inspections by damp specialists or structural engineers, providing the work is specifically related to the improvement. You can download a full list of these additional items which also cover things like scaffold hire and waste removal.

Why choose Kingspan insulation?

When you’re working in an existing property, being able to save a few millimetres in the thickness of insulation you’re fitting can make a big difference on the finished space. Kingspan are committed to providing the slimmest possible solutions for every application backed with expert technical support.

Our popular Kingspan Kooltherm range offers the lowest thermal conductivity of any commonly used insulation materials (as low as 0.018 W/mK) and covers a wide range of applications including suspended floors, internal and external walls, room-in-roof conversions and soffits.

In cases where space is especially limited, such as when you need to retain floor-to-ceiling height when installing insulation above an existing floor slab, we also offer our Kingspan OPTIM-R vacuum insulation panel (VIPs) systems for floor and flat roof applications. These panels can achieve an insulating performance that is up to five times better than commonly used insulation materials. This is supported by a dedicated design service, ensuring your target U-value is met with the thinnest possible insulation layer.

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