Ventatec- amazing 60 minute fire rating

How can grids contribute to increased fire safety as part of a ceiling assembly?

There are building solutions available which enable the containment of fire from the start; helping the extinguishing process. Designed to keep people inside safe and support the rescue teams in case of fire; which is a core commitment for AMF.

Ventatec ceiling suspension grid system by Knauf AMF provides safety and flexibility in construction and logistics.

Ventatec advantages:

-Audible click system that is simple to handle, install and remove. Ensuring a secure connection;

-Hook system that is easy to handle and remove;

-High stability due to stitching and ribbing on grid sections;

-Optimal cross-section dimensions for high loading capacity;

-Weight saving due to reduced height of the long cross tees

-Also Ventatec is tested and certified for fire protection!

Speak to the team to find out more!

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