The Minster Charity Chilli Challenge!

We held our first ever ‘Minster chilli challenge’ in a bid to raise vital funds for our charity partner Macmillan Cancer Support.

Contestants were left red-faced, sweating and gasping for water despite the virtually zero physical exertion involved.

Each participant had to consume four bowls of the mouth-scorching chilli as quickly as possible. The chillies were: (in order of heat):

1 – Jalapeno (Scoville rating = 3,500  – 10, 000 units)

2 – The Solmalian (Scoville rating = 100, 000 units)

3 – Trinidad Moruga Scorpion (Scoville rating = 1.2million units)

4 – The Carolina Reaper (Scoville rating = 2,200,000 units)

Each ‘heat’ saw the challengers consuming increasingly fiery bowls of chilli sauce, with a minute between courses to allow the ingredients to take full effect.

They were allowed to drink a glass water, but this incurred a 60-second penalty in the race to beat the clock.

There was barely a bead of sweat separating the chilli champs with Jewson’s Steven Smith losing out by just one second to Sam Pickering of Big Communications, who gulped down the four searing sauces in just 3mins 8secs.

Overall the event raised a tasty £470.

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