Technical Expertise and Collaboration is the Future


When it comes to delivering client briefs, the importance of working collaboratively has never been more important. A joined up approach between all parties is key to ensuring a successful outcome that exceeds expectations. This is particularly true on large scale, complex projects. Minster recently worked on a project that required the distributor to work closely with contractors, European Roofing Systems and insulation manufacturer, Knauf Insulation on the UK’s largest rail operating centre. 

Network Rail’s York Engineers’ Triangle, the largest rail operating centre in the country, will control signalling and rail operations on the east coast from London King’s Cross to the Scottish borders, housing the latest technology to manage and control the rail network. As such, the new development needed an insulation solution that could meet rigorous environmental requirements, as well as the demands of an inverted roof application.

With this in mind the roofing contractors (European Roofing Systems), utilised Knauf Insulation’s technical expertise to deliver a solution.

Polyfoam ECO Roofboard was an ideal product for a project like the York Engineer’s Triangle. It`s thermal performance is unaffected by wide fluctuations in outside temperatures and repeated freeze thaw cycles. This is alongside other good attributes such as excellent structural strength and being less prone to site damage than any other rigid foam insulation boards.

As well as having a close working relationship with Knauf Insulation, European Roofing Systems had to liaise with Minster to make sure that the logistical processes ran smoothly throughout the project. Materials had to be delivered in sufficient volumes to keep their workforce on target

Due to the locality of the site and a low access bridge, Minster had to prepare unique delivery schedules and arrange for suitable vehicles that could access the site, ensuring delivery was completed in a timely manner.

This meant that the materials had to be delivered in sufficient volumes to keep their workforce on target and also provide a vehicle with Moffatt capability to ensure an efficient delivery process.


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