Supporting the local community!

What better way is there to learn about Geography than to be in the great outdoors? We came together with Pelham Structures to host a local primary school on a site visit for a Geography lesson they will never forget!

A primary school class of 30, from the village of Manuden (Essex), had been studying buildings and settlements and once given the opportunity, we came together with Pelham Structures to provide a memorable field trip.

Pupils from the Manuden Primary School have been studying settlements in Geography and we welcomed the class to visit a local Pelham Structures site within the Essex village on Tuesday 25 June. 

Students from ‘Class 3’ of Manuden Primary School, between ages 7 – 9 years old, attended and received more than just a tour of the site. We made sure that the school field trip was both educational and fun by providing goodie boxes for each pupil to take home. The goodie boxes contained healthy snacks, a few sugary treats and some school equipment.



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