Specialist Training Programmes Highly Commended by AIS



The AIS (Association of Interior Specialists) has Highly Commended our Specialist Training Programmes and we’d like to give you more insight on the programmes themselves.

Part of our business strategy is to recruit and train some of the best people within distribution. In 2012 we launched our specialist training programmes for the following areas:

  • ·       Insulation
  • ·       Dry Lining
  • ·       Ceilings

We launched the initiative to ensure that customers will receive the highest levels of knowledge, advice and expertise at any one of the 18 Minster branches they visit. Training sessions are delivered at the Saint-Gobain Greenworks Academy through a mix of classroom-based theory sessions and practical installation.

To make sure that the training provided is all-inclusive, manufacturers such as British Gypsum, Kingspan and Knauf AMF are involved in the development and delivering of the training packages.

Every Minster has a trained expert in areas stated above. By having a specialist consultant, this leads to improved product expertise and enhanced service at the point of enquiry or order.

Benefits of the programmes:

  • ·       Improves the overall level of product and technical knowledge
  • ·       Builds relationships between colleagues and suppliers
  • ·       Designated ‘specialist’ at every branch willing to help customers
  • ·       Supplier confidence in Minster staff & their knowledge of their products
  • ·       Specialist programme provides career enhancing opportunities


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