Product Watch: The Thistle Magnetic Plaster

Product: Thistle Magnetic Plaster

What is a Magnetic Plaster? A skim coat plaster that attracts magnets.

Manufactured by: British Gypsum

Key feature: The Thistle Magnetic plaster is a unique product that provides a high quality surface, turning your wall into an interactive space, similar to a fridge door!

BG has taken interior innovation to a new level with its new magnetic plaster! The plaster transforms your walls from simple inactive space dividers into interactive, creative surfaces.

BG’s magnetic plaster has already generated a lot of interest in the industry, through places such as the Plasterer’s Forum, and because it was also used on a project that was featured on Channel 4’s Restoration Man.

The product was used to transform a subterranean former Royal Air Force (RAF) communication bunker into a family home and guest house. The owners opted for Thistle Magnetic Plaster in the reception, kitchen, bedrooms and gym areas of the house.

For example, the plaster was applied to one wall in the kitchen to transform it into a notice board, without the need to hang a whiteboard that could impose on the interior design of the room. In the children’s bedroom, the plaster was used to create an interactive play space.

The plaster is so diverse it can be used in every area of the build to meet different requirements.

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