Product Watch: Isover APR

Good acoustics can often be taken for granted. However, whether you want to reduce sound between flats, walls or to soundproof a room, acoustics are important to our internal environment.

Having poor acoustics can be a serious problem as it leads to noise pollution. In office buildings, poor acoustics can cause low concentration levels and decreased productivity. It is also critical to have good acoustics in teaching and learning spaces so that students can clearly to understand what the teacher is saying, and concentrate.

The Isover Acoustic Partition Roll (APR) is a glass mineral wool roll providing high levels of acoustic insulation.

Benefits include:

  • Non-combustible – Isover glass mineral wool insulation has an A1 Euroclass fire rating – the best attainable.
  • British Gypsum SpecSure® Warranty – Covered by the SpecSure® Warranty with guaranteed lifetime performance when  used as a part of British Gypsum drywall and acoustic floor systems.
  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • Good thermal performance
  • Outstanding environmental credentials

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