National Insulation Association leads the way for EWI

Millions of properties in the UK are without External Wall Insulation (EWI) and to support the Government’s climate change targets, there needs to be an increase in EWI installations.

Insulation will play a major part in any attempt to deliver savings on consumer energy bills and to meet climate change targets. The NIA (National Insulation Association) is supporting the Government and the industry by introducing some very useful measures!

The NIA are working with the Government to bring about amendments to the planning requirements for EWI, meaning that EWI can now be carried out without the need for application. They are also raising awareness and understanding of EWI amongst consumers through a series of feature articles in national and local media. DECC and CITB have also been involved with the NIA in developing new training programmes and funding to support wider industry expansion.

With a more concentrated push on educating and raising awareness to both consumers and businesses about the opportunities presented by EWI, the insulation market can be expected to experience growth!


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