Minster’s longest servers: ‘Celebrating 10 years with Minster’

As we celebrate our 10 year anniversary, we spoke to some of our longest serving employees to find out what their journey with Minster has been like over the years.

Stephen Archer: Minster Newcastle

Stephen Archer, one of our longest serving drivers at Newcastle, joined Minster in 2004 and by that time he had already driven across Holland, Germany, Italy and Austria. So, for someone who has been behind the wheel for a large part of his life, you could say he’s knows a thing or two about working life on the road.

“When I first started, we carried very little weight, now we’re able to carry much heavier items. Things are a lot more efficient now, especially because of Health and Safety, and there are a lot more proactive systems in place for stopping and checking HGVs.”

Having driven for so long, there are practical challenges that Stephen faces day to day.

“Being the driver of a 26 ton vehicle with a moffet forklift attached at the back carries great challenges. From unloading on busy roads in all weathers, to trying to lift the pallets in tight spaces and rough terrains. As drivers we need to carefully plan the routes we take so that we maximise driving time and reduce fuel consumption.”

When he’s not on the road, Stephen does enjoy working in the branch with his colleagues.

“The banter here is brilliant but the job gets done, we all know each other very well!”

Minster are proud to have such great, experienced staff and give thanks to Stephen for his contribution.



Dean Styles

Our next longest server happens to be Minster’s second employee!

Dean Styles has been with Minster since 2004 and has worked his way up through the ranks. He started off as an Area Sales Manager in 2004 and quickly became a branch manager, then an area director and in 2013 he became the Commercial Director.

“You spend a large per cent of your life at work so you need a job that’s challenging and interesting. 10 years in and every day is still different and exciting.”

With a hard-work ethic it’s safe to say Dean has done it all, from driving and unloading lorries, to working in the warehouse and serving customers at the counter. Over the years he’s seen the business grow and develop into the great brand we all know and love today.

“When l first started there was no ‘business.’ Phones didn’t ring, there weren’t any emails or faxes being received. Now l look where we are and it’s great to see that customers and suppliers are very aware of the Minster brand.”

Minster thanks Dean for his contribution over the years!

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