Minster Skydive for Barnardo’s

On 16th September Amie Tyers, Theresa Tobin, Elloise Riley and Elizabeth Meehan (Simon O’Leary will be skydiving in January) from Minster took a leap of faith by taking part in a tandem skydive at Nottingham’s Langar Airfield.

With the UK weather being the only obstacle to stop the team, there was a four hour wait before the jumpers got the go ahead to get kitted up for the occasion. 20 minutes later the team were escorted into a small, rickety plane. Facing the rear they were instructed to sit on their instructors laps (no time for shyness!). The Minster team were attached to their instructors with the reassurance that each of the four clips could take the weight of a small car. Once at 12,500ft the plane door opened and the first pair shuffled with their instructor to the edge; while the plane was travelling at 80mph. With their legs hanging out of the plane, arms crossed and head back the sky divers were ready to jump. Without warning the jumpers were out of the plane free falling 10,000ft at a speed of 120mph. Family & friends supporting on the ground sighed with relief as they saw the parachutes appear through the broken clouds, with all team members landing safely back to earth.

Through this team challenge an impressive £2,197 was raised for Barnardo’s.

You can still sponsor the team by following the link www.justgiving.com/companyteams/SGMinster

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