Name: Matt
Position: Driver
Time with Minster: 2nd May 2017
Previous Role: My last role was as a school bus driver and before that I was a bus driver for First Mainline

About Me

I was born in Sheffield, I’m married, and enjoy spending time with friends and family. My mum recently invested in a second home on the coast, which is great as I can nip over for short weekend breaks – plus our border collie loves the long walks!

I’ve travelled a lot visiting family, and holidaying. So far I’ve been to America, France, Germany, Greece, Turkey, Tunisia, and Spain.


I have a keen interest in performance cars and bikes! I used to visit car shows regularly, but the real buzz began when I started taking my CBR 600 Honda to track days. 3 years ago I purchased a Honda Civic. I’ve spent a lot of time and money on it since, applying modifications. The best mod I’ve fitted is the differential, which improves speed and traction around corners! It’s a great community and we have some great competition out on the track! Our favourite track is Cadwell Park, dubbed the mini Nuremberg!

I’m a keen fitness fanatic, having been a regular at the gym for 7 years, during which time I’ve transformed my body! I also have a keen interest in UFC; watching the fights on catch up due to the time difference with America!

Achievements and Triumphs

I consider my interest in cars has stopped me wasting my money on beer and expensive nights out! I consider that to be quite an achievement.

My proudest moments have been achieving personal milestones at the gym. I was also very pleased to gain my driving bus and class 2 driving licences. We’ll always need drivers, so I’ll never be out of a job!


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