Garden Cities: The Greener option?

Earlier this year the government announced that up to three garden cities, each with more than 15,000 homes will be built to help deal with the housing shortage.

So will building new Garden Cities be the answer to the UK housing shortage?


The case for Garden Cities:


          •  –   Improves the standard of living with other multiple benefits including low     
          •     carbon energy networks, zero carbon design, social housing, sustainable 
    •     transport, local food sourcing and access to nature.


    • –    Positive impact on the local community. Garden cities may generate new
    •     jobs through their development and the creation of new business. 


    • –   An opportunity to deliver attractive, sustainable new communities


    • –   Offers the best of both worlds by bringing the economic and cultural
    •    advantages of city and country living, with land ownership vested in the    
    •    community.


    •       The case against


    • –   Neighbouring communities may be directly affected by the new development


    • –   Length of time for houses to be built – (Roughly 10 years!)


    • –   Can 3 Garden cities meet the capacity required to solve the UK’s housing
    •    shortage? A single city can deliver thousands of homes but the need in the
    •    UK is for hundreds of thousands of homes.


    •  –   The aim is not to expand and this may result in a number of detrimental
    •     circumstances. This includes a failing infrastructure, overcrowding and a
    •     lack of investment as the population continues to rise.


Saint-Gobain will be holding a debate on Garden Cities from Monday 30 June to Friday 4 July 2014. During this debate the proposer for the motion will argue that this support is the answer to the current housing crisis.  Whereas, the opposing speaker will consider whether there are other ways of tackling this issue, which may be more effective.

Join in on the debate and vote for and make your opinion known!

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