Energy saving measures boost house prices

When it comes to making your home more energy efficient, a lot of the focus is on the savings you could make from your energy bills.

New research by DECC (the Department of Energy and Climate Change) has revealed that energy efficiency measures go a step further than just helping you to make savings. Energy related improvements to your property could increase its value by 14% on average according to DECC.  

The report took into account over 300,000 property sales in England between 1995 & 2011 and indicates that energy efficiency is now a key factor influencing the sale of most properties in England. The research, based on 300,000 property sales, reports that improving the EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) rating from band G to E or from band D to B could mean adding more than £16, 000 to the sale price of an average property.

Energy saving measures that could boost the selling price include ground source heat pumps, which extract warmth from underground (costing more than £9,000 to install), biomass boilers fuelled by wood would cost around £11,500 and solar panels around £4,800.

This makes Green Deal an even more attractive option for homeowners as not only will the scheme save you money by installing energy efficiency measures but it could boost the property’s value by 14%.

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