Coney Brothers: 10 years with Minster!

Since we first opened our doors in Croydon back in 2004, the Coney Brothers were one of the first customers to join Minster in August 2004. 10 years later and the Coney Brothers are still doing business with Minster Croydon!

During this time, both ourselves and the building contractor have endured many highs and lows, as well as tough economic conditions for business.

We asked the Coney Brothers to talk us through some of the changes that their business have encountered in the past decade:

“We had to whether the recession and adapt accordingly.  We have had to become more cost efficient and embrace technology to become more accountable.  Prospects are now better and margins are improving.”

What do you think will be the key changes in the industry in the next 10 years?

“The industry continues to become a very ‘ just in time ` environment. Developers continue to push for half year and full year numbers with consolidated spending during key months.  This is having a negative effect to the whole supply chain with peaks and troughs.  This will have to change as resources start to become scarce and prices start to increase.”

Favourite memory with Minster over the years?

“We have enjoyed some great hospitality events over the years. We had a very eventful evening at an Ascot race meeting and some difficulty getting back home! It was a very memorable day.”

What are some of the factors that have kept you trading with Minster?

“Good personal relationship with key members of staff who are very supportive towards our company and always try to offer as much help as they can. Knowing that our business is valued and a willingness to resolve any problems are factors that have been very important over the years. ”

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