Birmingham mum’s delight at Minster makeover!

   A few shovels, sledge hammers, a chainsaw, and some brute force were all we needed to transform a young mother’s garden from a dangerous and unsecure patch of ground to a safe and sheltered environment.

Barnardo’s gave us the opportunity to be involved in this project and it was all hands on deck as we came together for what would prove to be a challenging but very rewarding few days.

We knew we had a big task ahead of us this week and arrived on Monday morning kitted and booted, ready for action! On our checklist…. reposition the patio, erect a fence, remove garden debris, carry out landscaping, lay turf and remove a large tree.

Young mum Tania had been waiting for almost six years to have a safe garden for her kids to play in.  Dangerous overgrowth, uneven block paving and missing fencing meant that she could not leave her kids to play in the garden.

The project was successful and we left Tania with a garden free of debris, with some new turf, a patio and a fence so that her and the kids can enjoy playing in the garden safely.

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