Are you ErP ready?


What is the Energy Related Products (ErP) Directive?

– First introduced in 2009 by the European Union in a bid to reduce carbon emissions

– Latest phase defines the minimal levels of efficiency for appliances with up to 400kw

output, including Co2 emissions and noise levels.

– The regulations cover two main areas, performance standards and labelling

When will the ErP directive come into force?

– September 26th 2015

Who does it affect?

Installers will only be able to purchase and install ErP compliant products that make the electrical or heating system more energy efficient.

This means installers will take on more responsibility and research the legally acceptable products they can install and offer advice on these products so the end-user understands the choices made.

The figure must then be added to the ‘package label’ as the final step to complete installation

Talk to Greenworks for information on available training courses to help installers to be competent in implementing this. Visit or click here to read more information on ErP.


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