A Quick Guide to the Code for Sustainable Homes

The Code for Sustainable Homes is a government regulated national standard for the design and construction of new homes. It provides you with the national standard for the construction and design of Britain’s new buildings.

This follows the government’s recent announcement that it plans to ensure all new-build homes are zero-carbon by 2016, and all other buildings by 2019.

The Code for Sustainable Homes


To reduce carbon emissions and promote standards of sustainable design, by implementing building regulations and measures.

How it works:

The code uses a star rating system from one to six; rating the overall sustainability performance of new homes against nine environmental categories. Setting minimum standards for each category measures the ‘whole home’ as a complete package.

Minster’s training academy, Greenworks has put together a simple e-book to ensure you are up to date with the Code for Sustainable Homes, including how you calculate a homes’ efficiency, along with the benefits to house-builders.

You can download the e-book here.

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