A meeting with a difference

The entire Northern region for both Minster and British Gypsum came together for an annual business meeting that supported a very good cause on the agenda!

Both businesses wanted to raise money for the Charity “Mummy’s Star” – which is the only UK charity dedicated to women and their families affected by cancer during pregnancy.

To fundraise for the charity; everyone in attendance wore an item of clothing that was pink and pink biscuits were sold, a fine system was introduced for the day for anyone who mentioned a competitor and there was an entry fee for the meeting. All Minster and British Gypsum staff were given a nickname for the day and the nickname had to start with the same letter as the person’s actual name e.g. Generous George. Referring to anyone without using their new name also resulted in a fine.

£320 was raised on the day for Mummy’s Star!


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