Product Watch: Ursa Cavity Wall Batts

Looking for a great solution to insulate but keep overall wall width at a minimum? And when it comes to the products versatility as a partial fill system – this solution may also be used in any exposure zone – wherever there is risk of wind driven rain i.e. coastal locations.

  • The Ursa Cavity Batt is a lightweight, semi rigid glass mineral wool slap treated with silicon based water repellent. It is suitable for use in both fully and partially filled masonry cavity walls up to 25m high.
  • Excellent sound insulation characteristics and enhance the acoustic comfort of the building.
  • Walls fitted with Ursa’s cavity batts create evenly warm conditions so reducing the risk of condensation.
  • Durability – Rot-proof, durable and maintenance free.
  • Environmentally friendly – glass wool is manufactured from a sustainable resource and may utilise up to 80% glass waste.

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